An IT company without hierarchies?!

The team decides! Unconditionally! Budget and personnel issues – everything! Doesn’t this upset the image of a well-functioning and structured company?

From our history we know exactly how we don’t (want to) do it. In the past, we were not the classic boss, and we were told that as a boss you can’t be a buddy across all hierarchies, because you would lose too much respect. The “old world” is characterised by alpha and egoism and puts the position in the foreground – true to the motto: “If you can do something, you are something! Alpha-influenced companies promote silo thinking and career lust, impose the most precise guidelines and, in the worst case, you are not free to make your own decisions.

In order to escape the alpha, you often hear: “You have to be able to let go” and “You can’t control everything”. But does that work in practice? If you want to tackle something, you have to do it unconditionally – you actually have to let go. Only then are both hands free and all power can be used for the new. Those who are shaped by alpha structures have to gain trust in the organisation, not to want to control everything.

We know it a little better now after a few rounds we did with @PeterProell. If you know about the #cellstructure design, then you also know that it only works in triad with the compliance-driven hierarchy and the informal network at the coffee machine. This includes team autonomy, transparency and unconditional consistency, among many other things.

A brief outline of the theoretical background: by clearly describing the purpose of the company, one clearly distinguishes oneself and the added value for one’s customers from the market. Within this definition, maximally autonomous teams of about 5 to 8 people work with self-determined, relative goals. Communication within the organisation is the most important thing, not employees and their personal concerns. This automatically leads to value creation, which in any discussion is aimed at the purpose of the company and takes individual skills into account in order to achieve the goal. Working like this is incredibly motivating, isn’t it?

We want to apply this successfully in the future. With each other, for each other at #PRECOGIT: With our employees, for our employees. Inspired by the #BetaCodex and #cellstructure design, we are inviting more employees to join our company, which was founded in October 2021. Colleagues who come from a traditional environment are looking forward to working “differently” for a change.

Do you want to know how we do it? Do you want to help shape it? Take a look at our #PRECOGIT homepage, or get in touch with us via PN.

“Be beta. Be meta. Be(come) better!” A credo that we are happy to fill with life more and more.