One meet-up does not make a summer…

… and that’s why it’s clear to us that we will continue to offer this format in the coming months and use it together with you. Why? Because we already had very inspiring discussions and insights for all participants in the first Meet-up last week. Here is our report on the first Meet-up:
Meet-Up Teilnehmer
Last Friday we started our meet-up series on the topic of “SAP and the brewery of the future”. Against the background of discussing the necessary technological questions and needs for the future, we started with an impulse from me. From this, questions about the necessary and possible software support – especially through SAP software components – could be well derived.
In three thematic blocks, thoughts on standardisation, connection of machines and logistical automation were addressed. The questions we developed and dealt with were, for example: Are templates themselves useful on the SAP platform? Which data is needed when and in which system? Can and do we want to supplement or even replace a process control system with suitable SAP components?
The heterogeneous composition of the group in particular promoted open discourse. Concrete topics were discussed in a very results-oriented way, as well as individual aspects were only discussed and “parked” for follow-up meetings. We also learned a lot as inviters, both in terms of the content of the topics discussed and in terms of methodology. For us, it was the first meet-up. In the future, we will focus even more concretely on selected topics. We have already taken the first step in this direction with the parked topics from the first Meet-up, and more will follow, because we are particularly happy to receive concrete topic suggestions from the participants.
All in all, there are many points of departure from this first discussion for a continuation, which was also generally desired. We would like to thank all participants for a constructive and purposeful discussion and look forward to continuing the format in March.