Breweries, Data Quality, and Christmas Preparations

In the festive pre-Christmas season, as Christmas elves diligently prepare gifts and everything sparkles and glows, there is a parallel to our work at PRECOGIT. Similar to the elf apprentices preparing gifts, we prepare data for breweries to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Data plays a crucial role in the brewing industry. It forms the foundation for seamless business processes, quality control, and ultimately customer satisfaction. Like the Christmas lights spreading the magic of the holidays, your data should shine and be of the highest quality.

Our work resembles the preparation of the manger in Bethlehem. At PRECOGIT, we collaborate closely with our partner DQM-Driven to offer solutions for data quality management. Similar to the Wise Men from the East who followed the star to witness the birth of something great, we aim to ensure that your data shines in the best possible quality.

Our data quality management solution provides a thoughtful concept for the migration of master and transactional data based on the ETL principle (Extract, Transform, Load). Similar to preparations for a festive meal, we monitor progress and ensure that your data is in impeccable condition. But at PRECOGIT, we go a step further. We can not only manage material master data but also bills of materials and many other data objects. Our DQM queries for data cleansing also serve extraction in the format of the SAP Data Migration Cockpit.

Let’s collectively reflect on the Christmas story and celebrate the significance of preparation and quality. Data quality is the key to efficiency and overcoming challenges in the beverage industry. Just as Christmas lights illuminate the night, we will make your data shine anew and prepare your brewery for the future.