Our 3-Step Workshop: The Key to the “Brewery of the Future”

The Christmas story reminds us that even the greatest journeys begin with the first step. Similarly, on the path to the “Brewery of the Future,” the 3-Step Workshop is that crucial first step, providing clarity on your digital challenges and potential solutions. In the spirit of Christmas – a time of new beginnings and hope – we want to assist you in shaping the future of your brewery.

Step 1: Determining the Starting Point – Think of Mary and Joseph’s search for an inn in the Christmas story.

Our first step is similar – we work together with you to determine the starting point. We analyze your current business processes, technologies, and goals to assess where you stand. This critical evaluation serves as the starting point for the transformation of your brewery.

Step 2: Presenting the Bouquet of Possibilities – Like the Wise Men from the East

The Wise Men from the East followed a star and discovered a wealth of possibilities in the manger in Bethlehem. In the second step, we present to you the “Bouquet of Possibilities.” This means we showcase the various options and solutions available to optimize and future-proof your brewery. Similar to the Wise Men who found the child in the manger, we help you discover the treasure of digital possibilities.

Step 3: Developing the Individual Solution Approach – Like the Shepherds in the Field

The shepherds in the field recognized the significance of the message and hurried to the manger. In the third step, we work together on developing the individual solution approach tailored to your specific needs. We estimate the necessary effort to reach your goal and present clear steps to get there. Similar to the shepherds who received the message of hope and change, we want to guide you on the path to transformation.

With PRECOGIT, you are ready to shape the future of your brewery – a future that blends innovation and tradition. Our 3-Step Workshop is the key that opens the door to new possibilities and guides your brewery on a successful journey.