We accompany your process from requirements analysis to system selection to the start of implementation.

Our consulting is system-independent and focuses on the best possible support for your business processes. To help you choose the best way to implement IT solutions, we are happy to look at them from both sides – the beverage technology and the information technology side.

Despite our expertise in SAP, we know that not every customer is suitable for an SAP implementation or wants to avoid SAP altogether. Therefore, we also consider other ERP, logistics, and production solutions and recommend the software vendor that can best support your processes.

A quick start is made with our product “3-Jump-Workshop”. This lean approach at a fixed price first brings light where you still suspect darkness on your journey to the brewery of the future.

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The basics of our consulting firm is to provide functional templates that are specialized for the process industry, more specifically for the brewing and beverage industry. As a basis, your company will receive access to a functioning demonstration system.

We will accompany you through the system and discuss your individual requirements. As a result, your company will receive specifications that describe your requirements based on the demonstration system.
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A copy of our demonstration system will be provided as a basis for the necessary parameterization to start the implementation process. Necessary requirements, which cannot be realized by customizing, will be programmed.

You will receive a self-functioning system in short reasonable time, have spent less cost and effort on it.
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