Westsaxonian University of applied Sciences Zwickau
Business informatics for the manufacturing SME sector

In our research activities, we work together with our research partners from industry and academia on a future in which value creation takes place through data-driven organisations in a circular economy.

Together, we research solutions that not only optimise processes, but also maintain and increase the profitability of companies and take circular influences into account. Our focus here is primarily on medium-sized manufacturing companies with the aim of creating an awareness of the available data in the companies and identifying starting points for improvement measures from this data by means of complex analyses and the use of simulation methods and generating added value for the companies through concrete recommendations for action. Our clients should learn to (better) interpret and use the data within the companies. The findings from our work with companies flow directly into our teaching and research and have an influence on the development of the content of our activities and the path of Industry Analytics.