The first 4 weeks of work are done … and I have arrived.

Since I already knew Michael and Christian, the two managing directors, from my previous employer, the personal arrival was not an issue.

What was new for me, however, was the way of working and company organisation according to the Beta Codex and in cell structure design. All the companies I have worked for in the last 25 years were large medium-sized companies or corporations. Here the management was the decision-maker. Tasks were delegated “downwards” by instruction. This was a suitable approach for sluggish markets. However, due to the high dynamics of today, it is important to adapt the organisation of a company to the challenges of the market.

Working in a team is already the be-all and end-all for many SAP consultants and developers today. However, the fact that the team is responsible for a project from the quotation to the handover to the customer and thus also responsible for the success of the company is still unknown territory for many – just like for me. The question of which employees form the team that can best map the customer’s requirements must be answered. Tasks such as planning and budgeting the project, the independent implementation with the help of internal employees from the administration and external resources must be distributed and processed.

Crucial to the success of a team, especially in today’s networked work, is timely and project-oriented communication. This is not about stubborn regularity, but about making quick decisions in the team that benefit the success of the client project.

I accept these tasks as a new challenge and look forward to starting the first client projects in a team. I plan to report on my learning process in this new way of working in further blog articles and to keep you up to date on the successes and possibly also failures.

Currently, PRECOGIT GmbH is still growing, so there is only one team. If you would like to work for a dynamic employer with the structure described above, please contact us via our homepage or our social media channels.