The Transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA: Opportunities and Considerations

The end of SAP ECC is approaching, and companies in the brewing and beverage industry are facing important decisions. As we already know, SAP will end support for SAP ECC by the end of 2027. Although there is the option of extended support until 2030, migration to S/4 HANA should be seriously considered.

Saying goodbye to SAP ECC marks the beginning of an era for companies that will be characterized by S/4HANA. With this modern, flexible and cloud-based solution, companies can optimize their business processes and make them fit for digital transformation. The rigid IT architecture of SAP ECC is overcome and companies can react quickly to changes.

The manual maintenance of data that was required with SAP ECC is facilitated by automated processes and artificial intelligence. This minimizes errors and improves efficiency.

S/4HANA offers greater flexibility and the ability to control business processes from different end devices. This allows you to work more efficiently.

Furthermore, S/4Hana offers benefits such as real-time visibility, increased efficiency and improved integrations.

But would it still be possible to continue using SAP ECC?

It would still be possible to continue using SAP ECC after support ends. But this carries higher risks in terms of security, compliance and functionality. Support and maintenance will be difficult to find and will incur additional costs.

PRECOGIT’s support:

At PRECOGIT, we understand the challenges and opportunities of the transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA. Our experienced team is happy to assist you with consulting and implementation to ensure you make the right decision for your organization. An excellent way to get started in this regard is our 3-Leap-Workshop (Products – PRECOGIT GmbH).

Furthermore, our priority is to provide our customers with a notation that is as familiar as possible in order to establish a stable and intuitive connection between their system and the real world. In doing so, our templates for the brewery of the future serve as the basis for inherently functional business processes.

However, we understand the uniqueness of each customer and do not present our templates as ready-made solutions. Rather, we customize them by implementing additional functionality as part of each project and working closely with our customers. This ensures that the solutions are perfectly tailored to their specific needs.

We invite you to discuss initial points with us free of charge.

Please feel free to make an appointment (Contact – PRECOGIT GmbH).