Back at Work – Life-Work Balance at PRECOGIT

I have been working at PRECOGIT for one month and I am very impressed with my team and the way of functioning. 

As a mom of two young children, it is often difficult to balance family and professional life, but thanks to the flexible work models, home office, and BetaCodex principles, I get to live my dream of having a family and meeting the professional demands at PRECOGIT.  

BetaCodex was an unknown term for me at first. However, after learning more about it and consciously integrating these twelve principles into our daily work, I am excited and find this way of doing business essential for success in today’s world.

As a consulting company, we have to react quickly and clearly to the market. Due to the constant new technologies, customers’ requirements and market changes, it is important to find appropriate solutions. In small, cross-functional teams, we respond to our customer’s needs in a self-organized and self-controlling manner.

Decentralization is an essential element because “thinking at the top and executing at the bottom” is the wrong approach and the opposite of what makes sense. However, this can only work if there is complete transparency of all employees. For this, we have a daily 15 minutes meeting and discuss our accomplishments, our plans and share all our necessary files with the team.

The owners of PRECOGIT support and encourage us to make decisions by the one who has the best expertise in the field. Tasks are distributed together and everyone does what they know best. In this way, the topics are successfully completed and we enjoy our work.

The cohesion in the team is incredibly strong and even though we rarely see each other due to home office, we can always rely on and support each other. The clearly defined, relative goals promote our motivation and strengthen our team spirit. There is also private, regular, and humorous communication alongside work through our SocialMedia group chat, which helps us to work together successfully and respectfully.

Lastly, I would like to mention that I purposely wrote life-work balance in the headline and it is not a typo. My colleagues live this phrase and they insist on a life-work balance. My job at PRECOGIT has a positive impact on my life and I can develop and grow professionally.

I’m very excited about my future with #BreweryoftheFuture and am now enjoying the delicious PRECOGIT Wies at the end of the working day. ­čŹ╗