About the role of networks

About the role ofNetworks are often a topic “here in IT”. Mostly, data networks are noticed when they fail or when they do not function as well as they should. But that’s not what I’m talking about today.

Today I’m focusing on the networks of people, groups and companies. Why? Because they can achieve great things and are often underestimated.

It is a widespread opinion that only corporations or very large organisations can overcome great challenges. This is based on the assumption that they have the necessary capital and “resources” at their disposal. Often, however, it is in fact the case that size, which is seen as an advantage, brings with it a certain inertia and inflexibility.

The fact is that networks of companies can make full use of their agility in a group and thus achieve their goals faster and better. Here, too, the following applies: bridges and consensus are effective, walls and power are not. Especially when the joint creation of added value for the customer is in the foreground.

It is important that the partners in the network do not separate themselves from each other through interfaces. Rather, common interfaces must be defined that enable the necessary flow of information and cooperative collaboration. Thus, instead of an “interface description”, there is a seam agreement in which the partners describe the way they will work together.

But what does this mean for the groups? Will they be replaced by the networks? I do not assume so! I expect that corporate groups will also want to get involved in networks.

But what does that have to do with PRECOGIT now? We, too, want to achieve great things for our clients and are very aware of the situation that this cannot always be done by us alone. In addition to customer acquisition and talks with potential new colleagues, we are currently holding many talks with potential partners. Every single conversation has been enriching and has given our (conversation) partners and us new impulses. We are looking forward to the coming talks, the expansion of the network for the benefit of our clients and the joint definition of the interfaces. Slowly but surely, a picture is growing together in which – even if it sounds rather hackneyed – the sum is more than its individual parts.

Ernst Weichselbaum aptly summarised the topic of “network” with the following quote: “Always behave in such a way that the sum of the connection possibilities increases”. We are working on it… networking