C02-neutrality for the brewing industry

This week, in the print edition of Brauwelt (BRAUWELT 34-35, 2022, p. 878-881), in the recently started series on CO2 neutrality in the brewing industry, an article by me was published with the title “CO2 neutrality in the brewing industry – What influence does digitalisation have?”. The article is available in accordance with the subscription models of BRAUWELT digital here.

In summary, I come to the following conclusions in the article.

There is a lot of motivation in the market, of course also driven by the cost explosion not only of gas prices. Many small building blocks are currently being developed in the industry, or already known approaches are being taken out of the drawer again. I explained some approaches and aspects in my BRAUWELT article and came to the conclusion there that, driven by the current crises, a spirit of optimism can be felt in the brewing industry. In the brewing industry, too, there is a danger that the desired CO2 neutrality will lead to greenwashing, or will only be implemented as such, which in fact helps neither the industry nor the climate. However, if sustainable CO2 emissions management is anchored in the industry’s entire value-added network, which includes suppliers and producers, but also service providers and even software providers, great added value will be achieved for everyone. With PRECOGIT, we will develop our SAP-based #BrauereiDerZukunft template to centrally map data and processes, link and enrich them in the value network and thus lay the foundation for sustainable corporate management.

With PRECOGIT, we would like to be one of these many building blocks that helps to advance the brewing industry in terms of climate protection and social development.

PS: In a second post, I share my personal thoughts and resulting habits about climate change.