On the one hand, we wanted to understand the brewing process together as a team and get hands-on. This “training” became a great team event all on its own, driven by experiencing things together and having fun. On the other hand, we are very happy that we now always have our own beer ready for ourselves, but especially for our business partners. And we are a little proud of the result!

Key data
Original wort: 13,5
Date of brew: 15.07.2022
Brewery: freibier.cc
Ladle capacity: 300 l
Hot pouring quantity:
260 l brewing water
Main pour: 170 l
Second pours: As required

45 kg organic Pilsener barley malt
5 kg wheat malt
5 kg Vienna barley malt
2 kg Carared

Mashing temperature: 52 °C
Rest: 55 °C, 10 min
Rest: 62 °C, 30 min
Rest: 72 °C, 30 min
Mashing off: 78 °C
Wort boiling with hop addition
Boiling time: 75 min
Hops added at start of boil:
150g Magnum, 15.3% alpha acid, pellet type 90
Hops added after 60min boiling time: 100g Bio Perle, 6.9% alpha acid, pellet type 90
Hops added at end of boil: 100g Bio Perle, 6.9% alpha acid, pellet type 90

Setting temperature: 24°C
Yeast: 80g LalBrew Nottingham Ale, dry yeast, sprinkled on cold wort after cooling.
After 5 days no more fermentation activity, let mature without cooling

Bottle fermentation
On 11.03.2022 with 20l feed from brew day
One week at 18°C, one week cool <10°C